The back story

Hailing from North Philadelphia, Brandy is no stranger to the trauma, disappointment, and neglect that accompanied growing up with a mother struggling with drug addiction, and what felt like abandonment by a father serving a lengthy prison sentence.

Suffering in silence through poverty, puberty, and with minimal positive influences, Brandy began to live life on her own terms searching for “an out” of her current circumstances. With little respect for authority, stubborn, and iron willed, she had to learn some hard lessons that would thankfully lead her to her path of purpose.

Today Brandy is a Mother of two, Owner of Brave Enterprises LLC. and Founder of Life After Sobriety Inc. She’s also partnered with many innovative business leaders to make their visions of business, and brand expansion a reality.

Business Consultant

Our mission is to make the key elements of “start up” success not only accessible, but affordable through our business solutions for every Entrepreneur we service.

Real Estate Consultant

My team goes where I go. As the owner of a Consulting and Marketing firm “Brave Enterprises LLC”, I work closely with a talented group of creative professionals including Designers, Developers, Photo/Video Editors, and more. With me, you’ll have a Realtor that has statistically proven marketing strategies, and innovative ways to promote your listing.

Brave Defined