Brandy The Brave

“I’ve never faced an obstacle too big to overcome” – Brandy 

Brandy Brunson is a rising PA and DE Real Estate Licensee, and Entrepreneur driven by client focused results. 

With a deep rooted love for her hometown of Philly, Brandy attributes her mindset, and three very important characteristics to the “trenches”. HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and TRUST!

“Navigating tough times, and leaning on community in moments of need was important to me. Never burn bridges you may need to cross again”.- Brandy

Those very three characteristics became the foundation Brandy has stood on while building her growing businesses brick by brick.

To date Brandy has successfully assisted over 60 families in their Real Estate transactions, and consulted with hundreds of other community residents, and business leaders on their journeys to acquiring appreciating assets. Brandy takes great pride in stimulating property ownership amongst her peers, and being a resource of knowledge for the overlooked and underserved. 

“Coming up in an environment that took so much from people you love can be discouraging. I’m BRAVE enough to take it all back”.- Brandy

Your Strategist

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” – Michael Porter

It’s my expertise to walk you through the Do’s and Don’ts of your transaction. I get it right the first time because mistakes can be costly.  

Your PA & DE Realtor

Let me do the footwork!

You need an Agent who’s connected. Great relationships, and a strong network can make a world of difference while competing with other buyer’s and seller’s in your market.

You need an innovator. Marketing your listing is essential. From the seller’s consultation, to graphic design & photography, right along to contracts and settlement… I have you covered every step of the way.